UCLA Fiji Dry Forest Team

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Site Objective

The objective of this site is to compile scattered information about Fiji’s tropical dry forest. Fiji is a biodiversity hotspot; however, its tropical dry forest may be one of the most endangered habitats in the world. In order to conserve the dry forest ecoregions of Fiji, great measures must be taken. The greatest deterrent to its protection is the lack of study and research in the area, both locally, abroad and within the academic community. Fiji's dry forest regions have been damaged by anthropogenic activities such as fires, the introduction of invasive species, grazing and forest clearing. Initiatives from organizations like the BirdLife International Programme demonstrates that it is possible for the people of Fiji as well as their forests to thrive in unison. 

Conservation of Fiji’s tropical dry forests is important because it houses quite a high percentage of endemic species, meaning that they can be found nowhere else in the world. Unfortunately, many of the dry forest species are also assessed as Near Threatened or worse, and many herpetofauna and other species have not been evaluated due in part to inadequate research. If great strides are not taken to study, research and save the continually diminishing dry forests of Fiji and its endemic species, they may disappear forever. 

The UCLA Fiji Dry Forest Project Team hopes that many organizations and programs benefit from the compilation of information on the website so actions can be taken towards conserving the tropical dry forests of Fiji and the unique biodiversity that it houses.

Site last edited in June 2011